My Story

Hi, there! I'm Elka Yang. I studied civil engineering, thinking it was similar to architecture - a huge mistake. To compensate for that blunder, I ended up with a dual degree in economics. Unfortunately, it wasn't my true calling either. After years of working in the fast lane, I found myself overwhelmed by anxiety and exhaustion. That's when I decided to take a step back and try my hand at different things.

It was during this time that I rediscovered my childhood love for the arts and handicrafts. And guess what? I stumbled upon paper craft! Who would've knew that cutting and folding paper could bring so much peace and joy? It even helped me regain my lost sleep! So here I am, diving headfirst into the paper world.

Flow with paper

Later, I discovered that what I experienced was what psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi defines as a FLOW :

" being completely involved in an activity for its own sake. The ego falls away. Time flies. Every action, movement, and thought follows inevitably from the previous one, like playing jazz."

I often find myself immersed in paper craft, enjoying the flow experience. It's very much like meditation, except you get an additional tangible, one-of-a-kind paper artwork! I also love crafting with family and friends. Gather 'round the crafting table, we share calm and focused moments together.

I Care Deeply

I take great interest in reshaping beloved memories, surroundings, and even imaginary worlds. Each template undergoes multiple tests and modifications to strike the perfect balance between aesthetics and crafting ease.

I'm so much into creating and crafting in a state of flow. And I sincerely wish you a wonderful experience of flow with paper.